And You Thought I Was a Good Writer

Since I am on my couch in Dallas, and not out looking at players or teams this week, I don’t have a whole lot of new insights to pass along, but some people* have asked me what blogs I follow and enjoy, so I thought I’d share a few. Most of these articles peel back the curtain of what life in a front office is all about, and talks through the thought process that goes into some complicated decisions that must be made.

First, the millennial Milwaukee Brewers. Discussions of how the current Brewers acquired a lot of the talent they have, and how they have leveraged their assets in various trades and drafts over the last decade or so.

Since the next class of international signing opened on July 2nd, for the first time under the new CBA structure, teams have taken pretty diverse approaches to the new talent pool. Theo Epstein’s Cubs have been the biggest spenders, and this is an explanation of how and why they have spent as much as they have, despite very straightforward spending restrictions.

The Twins have the best farm system in baseball by many measures. But now how do they make sure all those prospects reach their ceilings? Baseball Prospectus investigates.

And, last but not least, age catches up with all of us. I’m only 25, and I feel like it’s already starting to hit me. Fangraphs uses historical data to explain when and how quickly pitchers’ skill sets decline as they get older.


*My parents


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I am an aspiring baseball operations guy, and I'm currently on a summer road trip to see all of Baseball America's top 100 prospects. I'm finishing grad school in May of 2014 with a JD/MBA from George Washington. If I can't be a GM someday, I'd like to be Joss Whedon.

One response to “And You Thought I Was a Good Writer”

  1. Chris Falter says :

    Hi Andy,

    There are rumblings of moving a Sally (or possibly a Carolinas League) franchise to Columbia, SC. Columbia would help finance a new stadium as part of the deal. Background here: What’s your opinion, as a baseball MBA/law guru?

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